Dispensaries Task Force Holds O’ahu Public Input Hearing

Watch the coverage on KITV, or read the article at the Star Advertiser.

indexThe second and final public input session was held at the State Capitol on Wednesday the 24th of September. Turn-out was relatively limited compared with the number that showed up for the Public Input Hearing in Hilo earlier in the month. Still, the audience for the most part was very supportive of dispensaries, and expressed frustration with the slow pace of reform in Hawai’i.


Some speakers argued for a more permissive dispensary system, and others argued for more restrictions on who could open dispensaries and where they could be located, and about safety concerns. Still the overwhelming consensus seems to be that dispensaries are needed, and soon. A hearty mahalo to those supporters of a patient centered dispensary system that were able to voice their opinions at the event!