PA Governor’s Race Will Determine the Fate of Medical Marijuana

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In Pennsylvania, the press has taken to the idea that the Gubernatorial race will likely determine whether or not the state adopts legislation that will allow for Medical Marijuana.

Even if the state legislator is supportive of medical marijuana, and in Pennsylvania, they seem to be, the office of the governor will eventually need to either sign or veto any legislation. Media outlets such as the Daily Pennsylvanian, therefore see the governor’s race as the deciding factor in medical marijuana.

We in Hawaii need to look at their example and begin to compare the various candidates that we will be choosing between with regard to their potential impact on the medical marijuana laws here in Hawaii. We have been working with the Dispensary Task Force to develop a law that will allow for dispensaries in the state of Hawaii. Even if we are able to get this dispensary bill through the state legislature, we will then need to get it signed by the governor. Please, let’s all learn as much as possible about the gubernatorial candidates, and what they would do if a dispensary bill were to land on their desks.