Review of Medical Cannabis For Seniors Presentation

Thank you to everyone who attended the “Medical Cannabis for             Seniors” Presentation on Saturday, October 25th.

For those of you who missed it, here’s a summary of what medical cannabis IS and what it IS NOT.

Simply stated: Medical cannabis is not about getting high, it IS about getting well. This presentation focused on learning how to use your medicine if you qualify to be a patient in the Medical Marijuana program of Hawaii.

The audience was treated to an entertaining history of cannabis use from ancient times to current times. Cannabis Indica as medicine

It was complete with photos of cannabis preparations that were available in apothecaries in the United States from about 1850 to 1937.


It included the story of how marijuana became illegal in the first place–A decision based on racist agendas and misconceptions propagated by the media rather than science.

Because patients are only allowed to grow their own medicine in Hawaii, the presenter covered the importance of having only virgin FEMALE plants, explaining how pollination by the male plants can ruin the entire crop. He covered the differences between the SATIVA and the INDICA plants and gave an overview of the different cannabinoids (Say “can-NAB-in-noids”) found in cannabis including THC and CBD.

More on CBD  can be found by clicking here:

We learned about some of the physical healing properties as well as the mental healing properties of cannabis. Our presenter pointed out the differences between using the raw forms vs. the heated and aged forms of cannabis. Some people were surprised at all of the many ways that patients can use cannabis as medicine, including a suppository form which may bring the medicine closer to affected part.

He explained the golden rules of learning how to use the medicine which are: to start out with very small doses and to slowly increase dosages by very small increments over time.

The presenter encouraged people to learn more about cannabis as medicine and gave suggestions on some resources including using Google (+ a diagnosis) searches, some books and the Medical Use of Marijuana booklet –Click here to see Booklet

We hope that you can make it to the next presentation, or any of our other upcoming events.

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